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Morse Code

Went to the toilet just now to wash my face...already sleepy mah. While washing, someone entered and went straight to the WC (we only have 1 WC in the gents). Didn't care much and continue to wash my face.

After a minute the guy started farting but not the normal farting. The farting session was a pretty shy one. Putt...putt .........puttt....putt....It was like he was trying hard to fart silently but just could not make it as silent as possible. Maybe he was using Morse code telling me to bloody get out from there because he wanted launch an atomic bomb soon.

Somehow my brain wasn’t processing things fast that time. I didn’t manage to decipher the Morse code that the guy sent me. I started to wash my face again...

Then...It came out...No mercy...No shame...paralyzing my sense of hearing and sense of smell...I almost puke but manage to get hold of myself. Went out right away because the place was getting stuffy with toxic fume already...Ptuii!

PS: Be careful when you are in the toilet after lunch...your life maybe in danger…