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Red vs Blue

( Image taken from www.manutd.com)

Manchester United vs Chelsea
Sunday 26 November 2006 Midnight, Old Trafford

Blood, sweat and tears…this is a game worth ending the year with. No more can we say that it doesn’t matter if either side win or loose. This is now, not like last year where one side was leading in a distance. Winning this match will be the key to retaining or winning the Premiership League…

Head to head at the top of the table, raring to stand tall again after falling to their knees from their last match. Both teams know that this is a must for them… Failing is not and option… A draw will be ‘a slap in the face’ for their fans… Either way… For both camp supporters, this is as orgasmic as it could be for the remainder of this year game… So what are you waiting for… guess who will win this match.

puxape prediction
~It will be a decisive goal that would determine the winner in this bout. A single lethal blow from that ‘special one’ will bring the opposite side to down to it knees yet again. Who will it be? Rooney…Drogba…? Well I am with the reds you know…

~A draw and again Ronaldo was sleeping on the jod...Goals by Saha (29) and Carvalho (69)