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Sunday Rants

I'm worried about the future. Will I have a job tomorrow? Will I have someone to take care of me? Will I have a shelter to protect me from the sun and rain? I'm sure a lot of you out there feel the same as I am.

I look around me and I see a lot of people complaining that there is just not enough opportunity for them to move on. Small and big companies are feeling the pitch of uncertainty in their future. The number of fish in the pond have drastically drop down, and they are a lot more fish hook that haven't yet have the chance to catch any fish.

As the competitions become more intense there a bound to be loser. This loser's have workers that depend on them. This worker's have family to feed, children to support and every little decision that is taken on the top will give a deeper effect down the line. Blame it on globalization…I think not.

So what can we do? It is just not fair to see one of us falling after what we have to put through. It seems that all we can do know is swallow the bitter pills and waits for our turn.

Crises make people strong and when it comes, take one step at a time. I just hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel.