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You've Won RM7000 Sucker!

I receive this sms yesterday evening, telling me that I've won RM7000 from Digi. Imagine if you were me, I was shocked and ecstatic believing that I've won something bigtime. I'm 27 now and believe me, I have never won anything before in my whole life. Lady luck never smiles at me, she just give me the finger.

The sms originated from someone called “DiGi”. It turns out that this message was a hoax and that it was randomly picking on unsuspected victim from among Digi user. There is a notice at Digi website warning about this here.

So what did we learn today boys and girls? Well, money doesn't come easy to you. If it does it will roll out away in a snap. Anyway it's almost end of the year and bonus time is already in the air. Wishing you all a big fat bonus, cheers!

PS: Tomorrow afternoon I've a game of football with the gang. If “loudspeaker” still comment anything about me I would give him a piece of my mind…


Scam ! Maybe scam or joke! Me also kena B4!

Me receive of winning something through email konon. Konon me WIN $500 from Yahoo.com . Must fill up the egold transfer from my account konon!

WYSWYG page, exactly Yahoo page, but went you see the source code (i read about this sometime ago to see scam through their source code)... different site...

fulimak! scam rupanya... luckily la i'm a little bit knowledgable... lucky me...

WARNING:: Never click any links through email if it involves in transferring your money or P&C details. Bukan ja MERBAHAYA KEPADA BOT-BOT KECIL, TAPI JUGA KEPADA KAPAL PERANG BUATAN RUSIA. :@)

Yup!...you are right zirbad. The most important rule is, don't give away any important information on the net. But if they still ask you for your phone number, just give them your local police station number.

One important fact that I see in scam is that they always push people to commit to them. If I were to give that kind of money to someone, I'd pray that they don't claim it all so I can blow it all on some big party...

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