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Grumpy Sunday

I'm kind of frustrated at the Internet speed this evening. It has been very slow in response time. Updating my post took forever to do. Somehow I thought that maybe it is just me who just want to finish things up fast. Why can't I be patient like the rest of the Internet user?

I really don't like Sunday actually, to me it's the day that you prepare yourself to start working tomorrow. You just can't seem to find your footing. Just when you start to enjoy something, your force to cut it short because of tomorrow.

I want to smile and be happy always. I don't want to be moody all the time. It is depressing went things just don't end the way you wanted it to be. Well for me anyway.

Yada yada yada yada…it is just me babbling about myself. I am self-centered I think. It is always me, not anyone else. To selfish to admit that the world doesn't rotate around me. It's only my ego. Sorry for being me…

Anyway, just looking at the blue sky today made me smile a bit. No haze, it's over already. Fresh air at last…

PS: grumpiest day….