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Thinking Too Much Again

How much money is enough? Some say there is no enough in money. The more money you have, the more you want to acquire it. It's a norm for us human to be better then others. We strive to outdo our enemy, friends and even our own family.

Why do we need to act like this? Do we really need the money? The power, the attention… why is it so important to us? Can't we be grateful at what we have now? Is it not enough to make us happy, even for a short life span we have?

I have though about this lot and I can't lie telling you that I have escaped from this dilemma. I wanted more then what I have now. Again…why? Maybe I wanted happiness in my life. I was taught by my parents into believing that you can have happiness if you have a lot of money. Maybe that's why…

I wish I can say to myself that this is enough. I wish I can be grateful with what I have now. It could be worse, and I know how it feels like. I've been there before. Having nothing but your clothes on you body. Having no idea what to do tomorrow for food and people looking at you like beggar when you are not. I should be grateful…

Hey…I'm thinking too much again. I can't change the way people are. I can't even change myself. Stupid of me…no one would ever read this. I'm wasting my time again. It would just be another unread post of mind. Maybe I shouldn't post this, it would have been to embarrassing....Oops too late