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Can You Count Your Happiness?

I found this on the Internet just now…


1. Assume Expectation (e)= 5, Happiness (h) counts to be 1/5= 0.2

2. Assume Expectation (e)= 100, Happiness (h) counts to be 1/100= 0.02

3. Assume Expectation (e)= ZERO, Happiness (h) counts to be 1/0= Infinity.

(Anything divided by zero= infinity)

However we can’t assume that human will ever have zero expectations in life. As long as they are alive e ≠ 0. So the formula above is considered incomplete or wrong. Putting in another key factor is the only way to balance the whole formula.

Well-being (w) describes the state of one person (alive or dead). So if that person is alive, we can say that w counts as one (w = 1). And if he is dead, then w will be zero (w = 0).

So what happen if a person is dead?

So I guest when you are dead you are happy. Maybe that depends on where you go, heaven or hell. Either way it is infinite (^.^)

PS: now if only we can calculate where we are going in the afterlife...