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Gentlemen, Start Your Engine!

I was thinking just know about being lazy after a few days of holiday. It seems that every time my body takes a rest, it tends to stay static for a while. Don't know why, but it's taking a toll in my daily workload. This morning I had targeted to finish at least one project by end of the day. Somehow it didn't work out the way I've planned it. Maybe I'm getting old already…ya right!

I think that I'm not the only person going through this “cold engine” problem. A few of my workmate were having the same symptoms as me. Messy hair, red eye, blur and going to the gents every one hour. We even didn't talk much during lunch time. Munch everything and went straight back to office. I personally though that today was longer then normal days…or is it just me.

For those who are in the same boat as me, wake up! Deepavali and Raya is over, Christmas is about 60 more days from now. Work hard and hopefully by that time, you can buy yourself a big present that you have always wanted. Cheers!

PS: thinking of taking MC tomorrow...