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Boog And Elliot

Elliot getting his lazy a@# sun burn

Hi, yesterday I went to see “Open Season” with my girlfriend at Bukit Jambul. We had great time watching the movie. The whole story evolves around two best friends. A big scary-looking grizzly bear called Boog (Martin Lawrence) and Elliot the mulish deer (Ashton Kutcher). To summarize the whole story I've divided it into 3 segment, opening, middle and ending. Don't worry, I won't tell you the whole story.

It was somewhat fast for me to digest. Everything was rushed so that Boog and Elliot can fall together into a situation were they met and have to be best friend because of the situation. Boog save Elliot's life and in return Elliot has to help Boog.

Here is the fun part. Boog and Elliot somehow end up together in a forest that they are not familiar of. Being chased by Shaw the villain in this story, unusual and funny character began filling the whole story. What I like most is the cute bunnies that appears everywhere the wrong time.

Well I think you all can predict the ending. Boog and Shaw conquered Shaw and become good friends.

So, this is my review on this movie. I know, I suck in reviewing, but don't blame me because I was laughing all the way in the movie. It was really good, and I'm giving it 7/10 star for this movie.

PS: if you are still on holiday tomorrow (not like me), go and see “Open Season”