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Puxape Me Google

I thought that when I created this blog, it will automatically be listed at Google search engine. I’m sorry for being too naive, but I really thought it would be that way. After browsing the internet, I now know that it doesn’t work like that. Blame me for the ape I am (^.^)

The thing is I am still adapting to this whole blogging idea. I am still a little bit blur about the fine line of right and wrong, do and not to do in blogging. In the process I might have done something inappropriate. Example; repeatedly publishing the same post because I wasn’t satisfy with the layout or logging in on my own blog site several times a day just to check how many hits I have (^_^#) I am sorry…

At the same time today, I found out that this blog does not occupy any spot for the keyword “puxape” at Goggle’s search engine (^.^). I know that maybe some of you out there are laughing at me right now. But it’s ok.

I know it is not easy to reach the top at Goggle’s search engine. But at the same time, I am not taking anything for granted. Some people out there sometimes work very hard to be listed at Google. I am going to do the same.

Anyway to Google, if you are reading this blog. Please help and list me at your search engine. I’m not asking for a top spot (^_^) Thank you

PS: taking one aping step at a time…