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Rest In Peace My Computer

Just now, my computer went kaput! I don’t know what actually happen to it. I tried to turn the damm thing on but nothing! I checked whether the power cable was plugged in and that switch was on (this happen last time), and it was. This prompt me to conclude that my computer might had already past away peacefully in its sleep.

It was already showing sign of old age. Not able to play new games and hanging periodically this couple of month. It has faithfully served me for almost 4 years already.
I bought the thing in 2002 with a limited budget. A 19 inch monitor, Athlon XP 2400+ processor, 768MB of ram and 80GB hardisk. It costs me about RM2100 to set up the whole thing. Now, the thing just lay there lifeless.

So to you my loving “Athlon”, rest in peace my friend…. (Athlon PC 2002~2006). You will be missed always especially when we played Warcraft together.

I wish that I can bring you from the dead like Frankenstein my friend. Igor! Help me carry this thing to the computer shop. I need more juice…hope that it won’t burn my wallet…

PS: I’m blogging now using my other old computer…Intel Celeron 400Mhz