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Existing Is Not Everything

Have you ever felt that you are being watch whenever you go online? I do (“. “) Just now puxape blog existed in Google. But now it’s gone. How do Google determine this thing anyway? Don’t worry about me; I will still keep going on anyway.

I should try to keep a simple approach after this. Just carry on with what I have. It is true that I’m interested in the traffic of this page. It excite me to see people from other part of the world coming here (a few only anyway) to read. It almost changes my course on this blog. I came here to run a way from the stress of the jungle. It’s ok if I act like an ape here because I made this place as a barrier to my real life.

Should I care about this? I think a lot. I don’t want to be sensitive like this. I want to be free. I want to be able to say I love/hate/admire/despise you without thinking to much like and ape. I just want the world to know that I exist now and not tomorrow or the day after that. I just wish that someone out there is reading this. It proves that I exist and that I’m sane just like other people.

PS: I’m tempted to go back to the jungle. But somehow, you made me turn around and face the world…( instant rambling of an ape)