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Road Rage

Last week I read in The Star newspaper about a man in Muar that hurls bricks and iron rods at moving cars on the road. A woman who was driving along Jalan Haji Jaib road was seriously injured by this sick man. Police believed that this person was the same guy who threw bricks at moving cars last October.

Why the hell is he doing this? It is not that he is getting paid for it. Maybe he wanted to because he wants to be on TV (Edisi Siasat). Or he's on drugs or alcohol influence. Maybe he is just plain mentally ill. I hope the police would get him soon. If you happen to see this sick man throwing things at cars on the road, just ram him with your car. The police will thank you for that.

PS: If this sick guy really likes to throw things at moving vehicle, why not he try to have a go at Rempits?