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Today is my P-day. No, not PMS! I’m a guy ok. What I mean with P-day is actually the day that I pump petrol into my car. I know it might sound strange but after the hike in petrol prices recently, I began taking P-day seriously (^.^)

In the old days when the price of petrol was still “affordable”, I usually fill my petrol tank full in one go. I drive a Kelisa and RM50.00 is enough for that purpose. I could drive for two weeks and still have some to spare. Mind you that I don’t drive long distance to work, so hence the low petrol usage (^-^)

However today, it will take me just about a week and a half to finish RM50.00 worth of petrol. That is equivalent 3 to 4 days less than last time. It might not sound that bad at all. However with the increase prices of food and other important things, it’s a nightmare. I just wish “they” can adjust the price of petrol accordingly to the market.

PS: If only we can plant petrol (^_^)