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Aping Paintball!

Ok, it wasn't like Saving Private Ryan but it was fun all the way. Just imagine pallet flying past your head, wishing it wouldn’t hit you in the face. Running crazy like an ape and shooting like hell until your pallet runs dry. Yes! it was all adrenalin rust for an ape (^_^)

We all had 4 round of shooting spree yesterday at Cinta Sayang Club in Sungai Petani, Kedah. For RM50 we got ourself 200 pallets, a vest, a face mask protector, and a big gun (marker). The 10 of us was divided into 2 teams. So how was it (^.^)?

Round 1
I was not thinking right during the first round. We did not have any strategy at all. Run like hell for shelter when the game started. Scared like s***, I shoot randomly without hitting anyone… even my teammates. Midway, all of us including the apposing team ran out of pallets. Acting like a monkey, my teammate ran out to the enemy line and took the flag. The enemy just look in disbelieve and we won that round actually. Yay!

Round 2
F*** s***! Barely a minute in the game I was shot in the face. I really didn’t know were the stray bullet came from. If it was from my teammates, I would have shove the pallet up their a**. And adding salt to my wound, my butt was shot when I was walking to the dead zone. I hate you guys!!! My team won this round without me…ape ape ape

Round 3
This time I was playing smart. I found myself a nice spot were I have a view of the entire war zone. We manage to shot all the enemy…again we were victorious!

Round 4
Tired, weak and sweating like an ape. We manage to hold the enemy back for the final victory. I shoot someone butt at the end…ape ape ape (^.^)

So know what are you waiting for? Go to your nearest Paintball Field and start a game of paintball. This one I give 5 Star… a full mark for enjoyment.

PS: I went for a game of futsall today with my workmate. To tired from paintball, I was floored to the ground every time I got the ball