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Puxaping Reminiscences

I first came to Penang in 1985 with my parents. We were on a family vacation and I was 6 years old then. Being too young, I remember only parts of the journey that we had. What I remember most was my first experience boarding a plane. It was the best thing that a kid like me can attain during that time. The rest is kind of blur.

Thirteen years later I came back here to pursue my degree in a local university. At first it was hard adjusting myself to the new way of life in Penang. Nevertheless slowly I adjusted well with the new environment. I finish my studies in 2002 and was practically going back to my hometown to find work. However, because of financial problem, I had to put aside that plan. I wanted to bring my parents to Penang for my convocation. Not having much money for that, I decided to work first here for a couple of month to raise enough money.

That was 4 years ago. I manage to bring my father and mother to my convocation in the end. Yes, I am still here in Penang. Why? Well because I found out that I can just leave Penang just like that. I felt that apart of me is attached to it. It is my second hometown. I wish, I can stay here for as long as I can (^-^)

PS: I wish Sunday could be longer…