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Puxaping Football

Yes I know England drew with Macedonia. Who says that Malaysian football sucks? It is just not Malaysia, it’s every where. The modern football now has become more of a reality show than a real sport. Diving, lambasting out to the referee, kicking the balls out of the opponent. Prima donnas are now in control of football and they are here to stay.

No more were the days where football flairs and skill were displayed. Today only high profile player that cost a nation are paraded on the field. Yes I’m not saying that they don’t have the skills and pace. They do and I know that they could outrun any player in the past. But every time I watch a game I just feel a big void in my heart. It is not the same like it was 12 years ago.

Maybe I’m getting old already. Anyway what is your prediction on the next game?

PS: I’m getting ready with my new blog layout. Hopefully we can see it within a week.