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Puxape Gaming History

I like to play computer games a lot. During my university days (yes ape went to university also) I play a lot of strategy games. One of the best games I played was Starcraft. Just imagine the joy of playing it. I once played Starcraft for 12 hour during study week with my housemate. It was awesome and I almost flunk my exam (ha ha ha). Thinking back, I spent almost 75% percent of my university years playing games. That’s why you see me here puxaping…ape ape ape

Now that I’m already working, I really don’t have the time to indulge myself with long hour strategy games. Usually I would play short flash game just to kill the stress. No I don’t play during working hour (ape don’t want to get fired).

There’s a lot of free flash game out there in the internet. Just Google for it. If your finger are to lazy to search for it just click here (^.^)

PS: If only I can find my copy of Starcarft?