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You Stupid Buffoon!

Have you ever tried adding additional PCI card on your computer? I learn something useful while trying. Never try to be a computer technician if you are not. Simple as it seems, I wasted 2 hours by messing the whole system.

It was supposed to be a simple task, but it turns out awful. After plugging the card inside, I tried to turn on the computer again. Nothing happened, there were no beeps and the monitor was pitched black. Pulling back and inserting the card a couple of time did not do any justice at all. The computer just keeps refusing to boot up time after time.

Fearing for the worse, I was prepared to send the computer for repairs. Normally it would cost me about RM30 for a simple check up. Replacing parts would cost me a more depending on which part that would need replacing. If you have a computer, you will know that there is a chain reaction in replacing things inside your computer. That I hope will not burn my wallet, hopefully…

While trying to unplug the CPU I realize something. It was so embarrassing and I feel like a stupid buffoon! I DID NOT TURN ON THE F*****G POWER SUPPLY THE WHOLE TIME I WAS WORKING!

PS: Just to show you how stupid and ape could be...