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Red iPod Nano

Ever dream of owning an iPod Nano before but just could not justify the price. For something smaller than your wallet it seems a waste of money. However, to me the clean and simple design is just something that intrigues me. For a while now I had been thinking of owning one. I was close last year but something happen. The oil priced went up and I just lost the urge to buy one. This year Apple came out with a new batch of iPod Nano. This timed the design really looks awesome! I just wish that I have some money to spare at the end of the day.

While I prefer the dark coloured iPod Nano, some of you might want to try a red one. This Special Edition RED iPod Nano actually has a really good attention hidden in it. Every $10(US) from the sales of this Special Edition will be donated to the Global Fund to help fight HIV/AIDS in Africa.

The Special Edition iPod Nano is available as a 4GB model only and is priced at $200 (US) - the same as other 4GB Nano models. It's really a great bargain, not only you can enjoy your new iPod Nano but you are helping other less fortunate people at the same time

PS: Anyone out there want to donate your iPod Nano to me (^-^) ?