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Streamyx Speedo

How much are you guys paying for your Internet access? I’m on TM Net Streamyx, the whole package cost me RM99 (USD26.97) a month. I choose Streamyx because due to the lack of alternative services from other Malaysian Internet service providers like Jaring, NasionCom and TIME dotNet.

I have no complaints yet on the services provided by Streamyx, but I heard in some parts of Malaysia the line is quit bad. Network interruption, disconnection, and slow bandwidth

Anyway this is my current bandwidth reading; I’m using Jaring Bandwidth Test for the test even thought Streamyx has their own Streamyx Speedo Meter Test. Just for safety reason, it’s better to have a third party test reading.

PS: I just want to ask those who live outside Malaysia, is this consider fast?


i'd say tat's pretty good mate! im on a 1.5Mbps line in Australia. They've recently upgraded the ADSL1 here, so we might get 8Mbps pretty soon. Unless the ADSL2+ miraculously gets installed at my exchange soon, i'd be getttin up to 20Mbps.

but yeah ur speed's good. which part of msia do u live in? im plannin to get streamyx (rm88 i think) when i get back to sarawak. telekom's opposite my house so i hope tat helps wif the speed.

p/s get another test at http://testmy.net/, check to see the international speed. cheers!

I'm staying here in Penang.Good luck on getting your streamyx dude.

By the way I tested the line using http://testmy.net/ for international speed...the result was super snail speed. Got 0.5 out of 5 star...thanks anyway...

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