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Friday Again

In a few minutes I will be going back as usual...Not! Its Friday and you know what it means...Jam time! It's been like this for a long time already and it's getting worse everyday. Just hope that nothing happens on the bridge today. A stall car there would mean you'll be getting back home early...Early in the morning to precise! (Prai area)

Last time (Nov 24) when two trailers crashed on the bridge during Friday, it caused all traffic going out of Penang island to stop to a standstill. I manage to reach home around 9pm and saw the whole commotion last until 1.30am in the morning. The crashed trailer was cleared around 2pm, but the chain reaction caused by the accident resulted in more car breaking down and more traffic jam. Anyway that was last time, we will see what happen today.

So what can we do to avoid such things? Nothing much actually... It's either you go to find a place to rest and wait for it to settle down (not that effective enough) or, try your luck see whether you can reach home by tomorrow...

If you are interested in watching traffic jam, there is a live snapshot feed of Penang bridge here.

PS: One good advice that I can give to you here is not to drink too much before going back home on Friday. You also need to have an empty bottle stash inside your car. It might save your life...Have a good weekends