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Car Stuff

Started working today after the long break. Seems everything is back to normal in the office. Some familiar faces are still MIA. Nevertheless the work are already accumulating fast…I need to finish up by the 28th because I'm going back to Sabah that night.

Anyway someone in the office ask me about cars. I have one but I don't really know anything about it. Maintaining? I let the service center do that for me. Break downs? I call the mechanic to do the repairing. Renew my car insurance? My car agent does that for me. Speeding? Sorry but that one I leave it to you to decide.

I've been paying my car loan for almost two years now and no one told me about car refinancing. I'm not sure if I'm eligible, but it's a good thing if I can save a few Ringgit by doing so. Looking at the way the economy is, every single cent count.