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Renewable Energy Anyone?

We were exposed to renewable energy in science class during our younger days. I remember the science teacher talking about wind, solar, hydro and geothermal energy on and on in class like it was going to replace crude oil soon. It hasn't and crude oil is still affecting the world economy and political decisions today. Why?

Is renewable energy good enough to replace crude oil? Why hasn't anyone try to commercialize this type of energy before? Why are we teaching our children about it when we depend so much on crude oil? There's little awareness about it and not much publicity being done. Yes there's Petronas, Shell and the Government but still it's only on the educational side of it. Where is the R&D and development?

When it was announced that Malaysia will be the hub for biodiesel (alternative fuel) development, I rally was ecstatic. Imagine planting fuel to run your car… Maybe I can plant a palm tree at my backyard and fuel my car using it? That would be interesting…

But then again this came up. So where are we actually heading at? Can't biodiesel be use to generate electricity? Is it to expensive to run compare to the “other” energy?

Anyway I leave you all with a couple of video clips to kick start your imagination on how renewable energy can actually benefit us…

PS: Does anyone know what happen to the “Just add water” car?