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Going Back

I haven't been posting for a while now. My mind wasn't working properly for this couple of days (lazy), maybe because it's December already. Christmas is around the corner unfortunately. I haven't been celebrating Christmas with my family since 1998, this year it will be the same. Nevertheless I will be back for New Years eve. It will be a surprise... I have not yet told any one in the family that I will be coming. For those who are in the dark, I'm going back to Sabah.

I will start my journey back on the 28th. On that day I will take a flight (Airasia) from Penang to LCCT. The flight from LCCT to Sabah will take off the next day, hence I will be hanging around LCCT for the night. Trying to sleep there is hopeless, the chairs will break your back into two. They should consider using the same chairs as the one in KLIA.

It's an early flight, I will reach KK in the morning. I'm going to spend a few days in Ranau (important mission) before returning home to Penampang (my hometown) on the 31st. I wanted to bring something for my family but financially, going back for New Year is the only present that I can give them.

On 3rd January I will be back here in Penang again. It's kind of a short holiday isn't it, but thinking about it I'll will be going this year and coming back next year...