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Ranau Pitstop

Landed at Kota Kinabalu terminal 2 airport at 9.50am today. After a
terrible night at LCCT and a 2hour 50minute flight, I have to face
another 3hour journey to Ranau. Almost fainted because of lack of
sleep. By 2.55pm me and my girlfriend finally reach her hometown. It
was raining that afternoon. Went and eat mee rojak that my girlfriend
recommended. It was very good and I plan to go there again tommorow. I
will be here in Ranau until the 31st before I head back to Penampang
(my hometown). For the time being I will be staying and attending a
wedding here. Just say it is a field trip for me and my girlfriend.
Anyway here I am at bed after not having a proper sleep and rest for
24hour. PS: I'm blogging tonight using my Nokia 3220 with Mobile