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ISO Paperwork

Have you ever saw people being edited for ISO 9000 (ISO Paperwork)? It’s a total disaster from start to end. I can say that it isn’t easy organizing and keeping tab of everything at the same time. It all about paper work and it’s extremely hard. Imagine if you misplace some important document and forgot to file it under ISO 9000? Your future could end in the dust bin.

You know what, maybe a person life is also like that. Let’s say he dies and went to heaven to be judge by God… I always think that soul are judged in heaven so that when they go to hell they would feel miserable because they got a glimpse of heaven… The first thing God will ask of him is…Where is your report? Followed by…Is it ISO 9000 certified? If not you’re banish to hell…ha ha ha

We try to get organized to make things simpler for us to do. Nevertheless in the end, the thing that supposed to make things simpler becomes the thorn in your flesh. Eventually it will be the barrier between you and success. Well…maybe for some of us only…

PS: 5 days and counting…