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Blue Monday

I've just realized that I have to express all those things I could never say before to you...Those things that you told me back then, and those things that I believe in now. Maybe I'm in over my head...Isn't this just a little too high? Is this all right? Am I okay? Am I really going to make it throught this?

Back when I was little, I looked up at the sky. The sky was so vast. I truly thought that I could protect my loved ones with these hands. "Why am I not getting any taller?" I asked myself. It was so hard to bear. No matter how many times I streched my hand out, there was no chance that it would make it across that wide, wide sky. But I never doubted anything. I believed in a beautiful future. When the hard times came up, I couldn't fight back against the big, big tears.Althought I think my eyes were glittering more than anything, back then.

Eureka Seven Blue Monday Ep01