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Loosing My Mind Again!

I feel hopeless and I just want it all to stop. There's no one to blame, it's just that this life haven't been good to everyone. If life's is like a computer I would have push the reset button, a long time ago. It's so easy to mess things up just like your operating system (sanity). Viruses, spam, garbage, download and whatever stuffs that just screw up your computer. Life is like that. Too many uninvited things that can make you unhappy. Believe me it sucks!

If only life's come in a simple package, that would be nice. Straight forward and nothing to cover, all bare just like it was supposed to be. Is there any place like Heaven here on earth...I think that's the only place that we can go for something like this? However by the time I die, there's nothing pure about my soul to go to heaven. Thanks to this life! Tell me that you never sin before...You're lying to yourself if you say never.

I'm losing my sanity...Better stop here...