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Running Myself Over

Do you like to shout, honk and show the "finger" at bad/dangerous/remput driver on the road...I don't blame you because they really deserve you "kind" intention. It's their fault for being an a##hole+selfish and they were asking for it. They should be put into retirement permanently. Take away their licenses and their car. Don't even let them set their foot on the road because they might "run you over."

Yesterday I almost got run over by a motorcycle. However this time instead of him being on the receiving end, it was me (honk-honk!). Have you ever experience a really bad driving day where you just kept doing silly mistake on the road? I did and I realize that everyone come face to face with it once in a while. I was shocked and also my girlfriend. Fatigue and emotion could be the culprit. Sure enough with the traffic jams and work stress my body and mind wasn't working together well enough for me. I went and took a rest from driving after my girlfriend asks me to do so.

Anyway that's me. I won't tell you to stop what you do best at errand drivers. If they deserve it just give it to them. Hopefully you would be saving their lives.

PS: Don't even think about Mat Remput...useless...