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Blame It On The IT Guy

The office Internet line went down, actually part of it only. It started during lunchtime when I wanted to surf the Internet. The Google search engine is still there but I can't go past beyond that. It either loads very slow or totally inaccessible. The funny thing is I still can surf into unfamiliar website. What's happening actually?

Maybe it's the IT department playing god again. I know they can see what we do online. It must be them alright. They got nothing better to do then snoop inside people's computer in the office. Maybe they can read this post through the server. Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year noobs... Just don't go snooping around too much ok.

PS: I will upload this post when they finish with whatever their doing...

Update: PPS was accessible and I saw a lot of people complaining about slow Internet connection. Found out that the earthquake that hit Taiwan had somehow screw our international Internet lines. You can read it here


You have been surfing too much porn that's why the IT guy likes to snoop your PC :)

who me? you must be crazy...puxape have been a good ape this year...

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