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The Old Ford Pickup

When I was 13 years old my father sold his Toyota Corolla and bought and old Ford pickup truck. It was old and green in color and I swear it look more like a dinosaur then a vehicle. The noise that came out of the engine bay sounded more like a tractor then a pickup. It was ugly and I was simply ashamed of it. I would rather take the bus to town and walk 1km to school then be seen inside that pickup.

One day the pickup truck broke down and had to be sent to the workshop. My father had to fork out almost RM500 just to get the timing belt replace. Spare parts for an old Ford pickup wasn't that easy to find. Sometimes it would take a whole week to look for small parts. This visit to the workshop would continue for a few times before my father had the engine replace. I think replacing the engine was the best thing that my father did to the pickup truck. Even thought it look like a dinosaur, for once I wanted to drive it. I didn't go beyond 10km/h because I didn't have a license and I was only spinning around near my home.

Eventually the old pickup truck gave up on us. My father never found the parts to replace the gearbox and abandoned the idea of getting it fix. He left the care in front of our house and it's been lying there for years. I ask my father why he bought the particular pickup truck and why he didn't sell the thing to the scrap yard. He told me that the pickup truck brings a lot of memory to him and that before I was born he use to own that Ford pickup truck....

PS: I still can see the pickup in front of my parents house until today. I did a search using Google Earth and you know what, I can still see it...