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Reaching 100

I didn't realize that when I posted “Going Back” on December 10th it was already my 100th blog post. I started blogging way back September this year (wasn't that long actually) on my birthday. I thought about doing one for a long time but being the person I am, I wanted it to be perfect in all ways. That's why I started doing so at 27. Pretty old for a newbie huh…

Anyway you can say that I'm some sort of perfectionist. When I want to do something I want it to be perfect, if not I will start all over again. It isn't fun actually being like this, it's exhausting. Sometimes I would do one thing at work a couple of time before I actually feel good about it. Smack my head for doing so… I got to loosen up a bit. That's what I'm trying to do here inside this blog of mind. However until today, I think I failed miserably. As you can see, there is still trace of me trying to be perfect. Just look at how I arranged things here.

I tried but I still can't run away from the fact that I am what I am supposed to be. Maybe one day I would break this habit of mind but until then, I just have to adapt myself the best I can to my surrounding. I hope that I won't bore you all with my antics; it is just me being stupid as always. Happy weekdays everyone, wish you all good lucks on whatever you do.

PS: West Ham defeated MU last night. You can imagine how sad I am today…