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Moving On

It turns out that a lot of other rss feed are going crazy, it's not just me. Hopefully it will be dealt with soon. For the time being I'm still blogging, well actually only within my computer's hardisk. Have to wait a little bit more for things to clear out.

I think that I should update my blog's look. Whenever I look at it I feel down. I hate that, it doesn't help if your blog looks are making you sick. No wonder I've feeling week nowadays. I think it's the color...Greenish puke colors...Yuck! Why did I choose it in the first place? Hmm...Maybe because of the "pull" thing...Yup!...I'm a sucker alright...Going for fancy-fancy things when simple is more..."Art is about taking out the unnecessary..."did you know who said that?

I should be going now...It's about time to go back...The traffic jams here in Penang have become such a nuisance since QueensBay Mall open its door on the 1st December. I went there on the 2nd...Maybe I'll let you know about it tomorrow...Bye

PS: Don't ever forget to bring a large bottle especially during heavy traffic jam. I would be useful, believe me...