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Teh Tarik + Luulumbo + Nuke

It's almost 5pm and I'm very sleepy now. Thanks to last night match (ahhhhh!) I'm now totally blank. Need refueling soon because after this I'm going to Bukit Jambul for a game of futsall. Sleepy, sleepy and triple sleepy.

Now this morning I saw in The Star newspaper saying that our "Bolehnout" won't be doing the "Teh Tarik King" stunt in space. They also won't provide any roti canai for him. Instead he will be doing some test in space designed by 10 universities, institutes of higher education and government science agencies.

Ever wonder why they didn't explain to us earlier. It's amazing how they keep quite and absorb all the complaints. Anyway it's over now, I hope the test would bring positive things for Malaysia.

Also on today's news is the death of Luulumbo the whale. The story itself wasn't the main point I was attracted to the article, it was the picture. I can say that the Pulau Gaya villagers in the pictures are all illegal immigrant. Most of the inhabitants living in Pulau Gaya are PTI (Pendatang Tanpa Izin) and they made Pulau Gaya as their own. I don't know why, but nobody seems to care about their existence.

Lastly but not least is the nuclear power agenda. Do you really think it would be "OK" for us to even try using nuclear power? One wrong step and it would be catastrophic. Isn't there anyway we can generate power? Can't biodiesel from palm oil provide such alternative? Wouldn't it be nice to plant and grow renewable energy? Anyway that's my opinion, I know that they only want the best for us all (hopefully).

PS: Hope it doesn't rain teh tarik this evening...