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The Waiting Game

I have been having this urge to buy a new computer. The one that I'm using now is somewhat old already. I thought of either getting a Dell desktop computer or an Acer laptop. All this depends on my small budget of course. I really don't need a supercomputer; my interest in playing computer game has worn-out. It's only for surfing the and “downloading” stuff…he he he

To this day, one tiny thing has been holding me from doing so, Vista. You know…the replacement for Windows XP. They promise to launch it in the middle of this year, but do to some technical problem it was postponed until early next year. Microsoft main argument was that some hardware still can't fully support the operating system.

True enough there wasn't any graphic card that can support DX10 during that time. Apparently Window Vista needed DX10 for its fancy "Aero" effect in desktop. Now Nvidia have rolled out its DX10 graphic card the 8800 Series. Microsoft better not gives any excuses to delay their Vista anymore.

I heard about Core 2 Duo processor from Intel but it's too expensive. Can anyone tell me the next best thing after Core 2 Duo?