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Dear mom and dad

Dear mom and dad,

I won't be coming back to celebrate Christmas with you guys again this year. It's not my will to do so because I really miss you all a lot. I would give anything that I have to be with you guys right now. I was trying to call you both, but my handphone ran out of airtime a few minutes ago. It's true about prepaid handphone, it just not that reliable. It's my fault also for not being aware of the need to top up my handphone during festive season. Anyway, I would try call you guys after tonight's mass. It wouldn't be nice to call you both during service isn't it?

I had forgotten the last time when we all as a family celebrated Christmas together. Nevertheless I still remember when we all try to dress up nicely even thought we were not rich. Did you both remember how my face looks like when you guys ask me to wear last Christmas clothes? I'm sorry for being a jerk mom, dad.

I love both of you so much and no matter where I am now I would never forget the love and patience you guys gave to me.

Merry Christmas mom and dad

Your son,