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Beta Blogger

I change my normal Blogger account into Blogger Beta today. I've been itching to try out the new function inside Beta especially the drag and drop function. I have been holding onto the old Blogger account because, when you migrate to Beta there is no turning back...*blink-blink* you know what I mean don't you...

Anyway the drag and drop function was there but it wasn't fully developed. It's fun to use but after a while you're left wanting more. Hopefully when they fully develop Blogger Beta there won't be any short outcome anymore.

Yah...yah...I'm complaining about a free service, I know..Sorry...(^.^) he he he...I also found something nice inside Beta. Now you can categorize you post inside Beta...Nice huh...Its old news you say. Nah... It doesn't matter...Thank you Blogger

PS: and that is the ending of my filler post..