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Car Service

Half-day working hour is the best if you are doing you R&D. You get to surf around looking for ideas and it's a non stressful working environment. However today…somehow I'm picking myself slowly to some unfinished workloads that have been haunting me this few days. I believe that I can finished it by twelve or maybe early. I have no complaint about it but somehow I'm feeling a little bit tired this week.

After work today, me and my girlfriend went a sent the car for service. It was a RM120 service and it only takes about 1 hour to complete. I and my girlfriend enjoy servicing the car for one reason…non stop supply of ice cream while waiting the car at the service center. My girlfriend and I look like a pair of kids licking away our ice cream…what a day!

PS: Yesterday car wash was a waste…the new service guy kind of smeared the car with grease all over…