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I'm a Bad Ape

How well do you cope with hatred? I'm not good at hiding my feelings. It's just so simple for others to see whether I'm happy or not. What is worst, my face looks like an ape that lost his banana when I'm angry. Sometimes it's good but most of the time it's just frustrating. It's a disadvantage more of a blessing for me. People are taking advantage of this weakness and I'm just stressed out by it.

I'm so jealous of people who can hide their expression and look happy when there are not. Some of them even misuse this ability to get people to do their dirty jobs. I won't go into misusing their ability more then I've said just now. What I want to know is how on earth I can train myself to control my expression so that I can manage myself and other people better. I want to be able to communicate with people without having fear of showing my true feelings. It's for a good cause and I don't go with misusing what I have.

I'm talking to myself again aren't I…?