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Biblical Laziness

As you can see I haven't been doing my normal PPP post this month (a great relieve to some of you). I don't know why, but since moving to a new office space I have lost interest in doing so (not that I'm doing it during office hour). PPP is a good program and I'm proud of being affiliated with it. I wish that I can do more sponsored post but I'm having this lazy attitude run this couple of weeks. It seems that I enjoyed sleeping more (+ Heroes) then thinking about what to write next.

It's not just about PPP I think but it's about the existence of this blog. Maybe it's just me thinking too much or maybe it's just the Feng Shui thingy that have been taking its path on me. So am I quitting already? Do I want to run away and hide in the jungle again? For all I know, this ape is not going anywhere. Even if I bored you all with my rants I'm still going to hang around here for a while. Different priority…yes…but does an ape have priority…I doubt so.

PS: Only a biblical size banana can lure this ape to back the jungle again…nah!