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Monday Sunglasses

I know its Monday…I mean we'll be getting it 53 times of it this year. Minus the 10 that we have already gotten through, there only going to be 43 of it left. That doesn't even count the ones that fall on a holiday. So how bad is it going to be? Its just Monday you know, it's not even the end of the world…I hope so.

Now that its Monday, I can start trying to get myself back into my normal routine. Since I move to a new office space, things have been out of tune lately. It has been hard for me to concentrate on my work. Ah…it must be the office windows. It's just too big and the glare from outside is blinding me. Tinted or not, it's still damn hard to see the workstation monitor…aaahhh! Give me my sunglasses will you…