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Naruto Time Again!

I finally downloaded the latest installment for the anime Naruto (let's call it season 2 episode 1~5). I've been waiting for it for a long time already…I think since December 2005 (I think so…). It was that time that I got myself a copy of Naruto's new mangga.

I was already bored with the filler and almost gave up on this series for a couple of month. It's somewhat stupid when you somehow manage to make the main character so naïve and stupid. I need blood (Sarutobi Vs Orochimaru) and I need the action (Rock Lee Vs Gaara)…that's what Naruto is all about.

For what is worth, I hope they do cut down a little bit with the flashback thingy. It's apparently driving me crazy when the action just starting to heat up. I want more action ok.

PS: I know I'm somewhat old to watch this stuff…blame me for the ape I am…