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Wet Ape

It rain yesterday afternoon here in Penang…part of it mostly. I was on my way to the place where I park the car when it suddenly rain. I got myself pretty wet I guest…It was freezing like Antarctica when I turn on the aircond. It was also stuffy inside since I can't open the car window for fresh air…

Nevertheless I wasn't complaining much…Maybe because I felt lucky because my underwear was still dry. I once “tumpang” a friend to work ridding a motorcycle and you can imagine how cold it would get down under when it rains. If it turns too cold you normally end up with the “kecut-kecut” effect. That's when you began to ponder how manly can a man be in the Antarctics? Bwahh! Just kidding….

Anyway to cut the story short, I got a fever right now. I was thinking of taking an MC this afternoon but never got the chances to. I just hope that I can last for a few hours longer. I'm an ape and I know I can…Bugger! I'm seeing stars already…

PS: Ape + Rain = One sick ape of course!

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