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The apartment where I rent is on the 17th floor. If the lift went down it would take about 10 minutes to get down the staircase and triple that time to climb back (for a normal healthy person). Unfortunately for me, going down would take about 12 minutes…while climbing up…well, it’s not that possible for me…normally I would run out of breath on the 7th floor.

I heard about the tremors in KL caused by the earthquakes in Sumatra this morning. Scary isn’t it…especially when you are working in a tall office building. One thing about tremors is that you won’t notice it at first. You will feel dizzy at first before you realize the shaking. By the time your officemates or friends ask about it, only then you’ll realize that it was a tremor. Imagine if it was a real earthquake…you won’t even have the time to think about it at all.

It was last year when I first got the chance to taste what a tremor feel like. I was scared that I didn’t sleep well for 2 days. It was around midnight when it struck. At first I though that I was having headache. Walking straight was a problem and I almost lost my balance. The first thing that comes into my mind was food poisoning. I once had food poisoning and it felt almost…dizzy. That is when I realize that the whole building was shaking. You can confirm this by looking at your open doors. I was shaking heavily.

Me and my housemates didn’t think much and ran to the nearest staircase. It was damn scary…making my way down the staircase I felt the whole building shake. I was praying alright…It was the only thing that I can do. By the time we all reach the car park. The whole incident has stopped already. We only went back to the apartment 1hour later. I didn’t sleep after that night.

PS: Is there any gadget that can be set onto detect tremors?