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Tak Lawa Tak Apa, Janji Baik Hati

It's going to rain again this afternoon. So much for our meteorological department's forecast early this year. For all I know they didn't even manage to predict the heavy rains that flooded Johor last December. They only woke up when it was too late and ironically, they predicted a drought that was supposed to have started this month…ya right. The bomoh that they were courting with must have been a B class typed…and underpaid.

Enough about the weather already, let's talk about desperate men…not the one on TV ok. I'm talking about men… I hope that you get the right… How many of you out there who is desperate enough to do this in real life? This guy must have been really desperate I guess. Just to show what you can find here in Malaysia...yikes!

PS: Don't know whether this guy manage to find anyone who is “Baik Hati” enough for him.


you around usm always isit? i posted something like this some time ago...funny right the ad?
tak lawa tapi baik hati...n the funny thing is nobody go n tear it down not like other ads.. :)

~yup...at first I didn't believe it but this is Malaysia right...anything goes...

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