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Puxaping Wireless

I have two computers at home. The first one is connected to the Internet using a modem provided with Streamyx while the other one is mainly for playing games only. Because of the nature of the modem provided with Streamyx (1 connection port only), I can't connect both computers on the Internet at the same time. It's kind of frustrating indeed when I wanted to connect both computers on Streamyx.

Now here is the best part…I got a hold of a pair of Wireless USB and wanted to try to connect both computers to share the Internet excess. I don't know whether it's possible or not. So far I manage to set the network to share folder but other then that…nada. No Internet connection at all. Can anyone help me? I surf the Internet for information and found out that I need a wireless modem. Is this true?

PS: Can an ape set an Internet wireless connection? I doubt so…