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Lucky Number?

It’s kind of suck being the eldest isn’t it? Somehow you’re destined to become the “Secretary” or “Treasurer” in the family. All the work will eventually be handed to you whether you like it or not. If you’re lucky, you can also act as the benefactor to your siblings. Trust me it isn’t pretty. I just blew a grand a couple of days ago for their ignorance. Why am I not born to a wealthy family…*sigh*

Anyway I’m keeping my finger cross hoping that all my siblings will someday graduate and find a good job. Maybe they can return the favor back…I hope so…

PS: I’m thinking of trying my luck on numbers again…any lucky number?


You are right there, I was always the "Secretary" too!

I guess I'm not alone then...if only you can quit the "job" anytime you want...life would be much simpler isn't it...

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