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A Game Of Balls.

Last time when I was in high school I use to play football a lot. Pendidikan Jasmani (PJ) was one of the things that I like about school. Not that I did not play any football outside school, but you have your best friend playing with you.

Now after 10 years of watching football on TV (I act like an ape as well... eat + sleep = ape) I had the chance to do it again. But this time it was in a form of a futsall game. Similar to football but smaller in size. That brought me to conclude, it was going to be a piece of cake (kacanglah).

Boy was I wrong, the ball (not that ball you ape) was heavy and I did not have any stamina to run at all. I was dragging my leg just after 15 minutes of playing.

I look very stupid at that time. My eyes bulging out because I was lacking of oxygen and my tongue were hanging out all the time. Overall it was great fun…

It did brought out good old memories and yours truly did score one great goal from the center of the field : ) It wasn't to bad at all.

So me and my workmate had confirm to go all out every Monday after work. So how about you? Want to join a bunch of ape playing futsall?
Email me (^. ^)

PS: peace to all mankind and also ape...