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The Stupidest Thing I’ve Done.

I pee inside a bottle in my car yesterday. Yes! I pee inside a bottle and nearly wet myself during the process. Plus…I was stuck in a traffic jam f*** !!!

I told myself that I should visit the toilet every time when I want to go driving. Yesterday I forgot and paid the price. I was on my way to pick my girlfriend near Bayan Lepas. Yup! I should have realized that Bayan Lepas areas are prone to traffic jam. But it’s to late now. I didn’t tell my girlfriend about it, if not she had taken the taxi back.

How did I do it? Well first, I have to hide my little brother for the process. I had a small pillow inside the car and used it to cover little brother. Empty my mineral bottle by drinking it. After that I align my little brother towards the bottle opening and slowwwly pee. I just can’t imagine what could have happen if I just “hantam” it. The bottleneck would cause a huge overrun in the overall process. I was 80% successful…( ^.^ )

I did the whole process while driving and smiling like a stupid person. I don’t know how many people notice me (I was in a traffic jam mind you). I just hope that no one did… If you might just happen to see me…just forget about it ok. Thank you ( ^_^ )…

PS: after the whole process, I dump the mineral bottle near Zh***** factory in Bayan Lepas…I had to…if not how am I going to take my girlfriend back…?